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The reason for having Botox is you no longer have to worry about the daily problems associated with facial wrinkles. A small amount of toxin that is injected into specific muscles neutralizes them and eliminates their capability to exert any further contraction or movement. You will look younger, reduce signs of aging and have a fresher appearance. Get Botox in Columbus, Ohio.

Botox is a treatment for dynamic wrinkles that appear due to facial expressions, which are best treated in the early stages of their formation. Best results are achieved when Botox is combined with other aesthetic treatments. Correcting a broken bridge can help improve the balance of your entire face.

Botox for Stroke Survivors

Botox offers a variety of benefits for the treatment of muscle spasticity in stroke survivors. It effectively reduces involuntary movements due to spasticity, allowing for increased independence and the ability to perform more functional activities of daily living. The short duration of botox’s effects means that only once every 3-4 months is needed for most patients, improving the safety profile beyond other more invasive and expensive treatments.

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